Welcome to the new site for the Venus car! If you’ve been following the restoration progression of my Venus, then I hope you will find this blog easier to navigate, browse, and more interesting to read. I will also try to make it more photo driven and less bogged down in minutia. If you are new to the “saga” of the Venus, please subscribe to this blog by entering your e-mail address, which of course is kept confidential. When a new post is published, you will receive this post in your e-mail along with a link to this site. Believe me, at the rate that I write updates, you will not be besieged by a bunch of e-mails (I dislike spam as much as anyone else). If you enjoy this site, please send the link to other “gear-head” friends you may know…that would be greatly appreciated! I also welcome any suggestions on how to improve this site or any questions you may have about the Venus.


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  1. In the mid 1960s, in Sudbury, Massachusettts, I found a Venus outdoors and very tattered. I had never heard of the Marque and thought it one of a kind. I don’t know what happened to the body and chassis. but I do remember the name Venus and wondered at the time about the car’s origin.


    • Thanks for responding Richard. Only one Venus body was shipped to Massachusetts, and I now have it. I now call it Venus #1, and you can read about it under the Venus #1 tab….or obviously, you already have. “Very tattered” is a pretty good description of how I found it too! 😦


    • Was it in a barn on then corner of Water Row and Lincoln Road in Sudbury? I remember this car clearly in a collapsed barn back in the mid 70’s, I moved to Sudbury in 1972. I lived on Water Row.


      • Frank: Being a Texas boy, I’d never been up to Massachusetts until I went to purchase Venus #1, so I know nothing of the area nor where it might have been sitting. All the previous owner told me was that it had chicken coops stacked on top of it, and the guy who owned it had a bar in the area. I think it may have been you who told me (long ago) that you and a friend (brother) played in that barn and saw the derelict Venus? That’s all I remember. Sure wish someone could scare up some old photos from back then!
        Thanks for the comment.


    • Thank you for the contact and questions Chad. Other than the article in Motor Trend Magazine, there are only three local newspaper articles that I could find. They also had a 1-sheet flyer with costs and specifications, but other than that, I can find no other marketing or advertising material….certainly nothing national in scope. If you scroll down on “History of Venus” tab, you will see these articles. All Venus bodies were hand-crafted in Houston. Remember that back then, there was no automated fiberglass production equipment like there is today. Every piece of fiberglass had to be hand cut and hand applied with lots of resin. I can only imagine how uncomfortable it was to do this in 90+ degree temperatures in a hot warehouse!


  2. Just happened to come across this late tonight and I’m really interested. Reminds me of the style of the Kaiser Darren a bit. I noticed the restoration hasn’t been updated in 10 years, so I’m wondering if the car is finished. Thanks- Walter


    • Thanks for the interest Walter. Yes, you are right that I haven’t posted a restoration update on Venus #1, and I hope to get to that very soon. Unfortunately, the body is still in need of a good paint job. One setback has been the need to move the engine back by about 8″ or so…there is simply too much transmission/drive shaft showing. Granted, this is really just a cosmetic issue. But moving the flatty engine back also means the brake and clutch pedal linkage also has to be relocated which presents a number of issues. I had planned to keep the shifter on the column, but now considering a T5 tranny to put the shifter on the floor. Unless I can figure out a less drastic measure, I will also probably need to add a cage to the chassis to mount hydraulics for the brake and clutch. Not a bad idea to upgrade the brakes anyway. (We just moved a few months ago so trying to get my new garage/shop organized). Again, I’ll try to provide an update soon! (As you may have noticed, I recently sold Venus #2). Thanks again.


  3. Where did you sell the Venus 2 and are you planning to sell others, or are there any that you know fo that needs restoration?
    Thanks, Toby


    • Hello Toby. Many thanks for your posts. I’m still trying to get my head around the fact that your brother bought DeWitts Venus. I would really like to talk to you in depth about it. Yes, the only two Venus cars are still in existence. One is with me here in Houston and the other is in Florida. I am much further along on my Venus than the one in FL, the latter not having an engine or transmission. I can’t speak for the one in FL, but I would imagine it could easily be bought. Mine is for sale too, but needs a paint job. Please contact me at mcload@gmail.com and we can take this further. I am interested in who your Dad was and how he figures in on all of this. Do you have any photos by any chance? Thanks!


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